Equis Financial Videos

  • 2017 Equis Financial National Winter Convention in Orlando

Culminating in one epic event in February, the Equis family converged on Orlando to create our own kind of magic. From listening to our President & CEO, Barry Clarkson, lay the foundation of our core principles: RESPECT, HUMILITY, ATTITUDE, RELATIONSHIPS, OWNERSHIP, and TOUGHNESS to debuting our new home office to unveiling revolutionary technology that will help agents build their businesses, relationships were created and friendships were strengthened. The passion that was present at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in those two days can only be rivaled by one thing - The EQUIS FINANCIAL 2017 SUMMER SALES CONVENTION!!! Register now! You will not want to miss our keynote speaker!

  • Equis Financial New Regional Managers

In February of 2017, VP of Agency Development Rob Jones urged our agents to strive for the position of Regional Manager. Just 3 short months later, the Equis Financial RM team grew by 40%. Hear from the newly promoted Regional Managers on what the position of RM means to them and what responsibilities come along with that title.

  • Equis Financial Regional Manager Retreat

Get a behind the scenes look at Equis Financial’s 2017 Regional Manager Retreat hosted by our Equis Executives in Asheville, North Carolina! Equis Financial rented out the entire Windsor Boutique Hotel and welcomed all Regional Managers to a 2-day retreat to discuss goals, strategy and the road ahead at The Agent’s Company.

  • Featured Story - The Sylvesters

Dick and Connie Sylvester share the story of their past, present and future together as a couple and team. See why these industry veterans chose Equis Financial after years of success with other IMOs and get a glimpse into their priorities, goals and aspirations in business and in life.

  • Equis Financial Asheville, NC Home Office

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, one of Equis Financials home offices' is home to the Contracting Department, Agent Services Department and New/Pending Business Department.

  • Featured Story - Cassandra Dostourian

Cassie Dostourian, an Equis Financial agent who is in the process of building her team, is the type of person Equis is striving to base their company around. Cassie joined Equis Financial mid-2016 and in 6 months was pennies shy from making $100,000... Cassie was able to pay off all of her student loans and personal debt, while also providing a sustainable life for her daughter and herself. We are proud of Cassie and her strength to strive for success and look forward to seeing everything she will accomplish here at Equis Financial.

  • Meet Equis Financial

See how Equis Financial can be your partner in success in the insurance industry. We have built Equis Financial to provide agents with not just an opportunity, but a career, a place where they can build their future. That is why we have built the most comprehensive and innovative lead, training, support and compensation system in the industry.

  • Exclusive Interview with Equis CEO and President Barry Clarkson

Listen as Barry Clarkson explains his role in Equis Financial and where he sees the company going in the remainder of 2016.

  • Featured Story - Chris Tinsman

Chris Tinsman, an Equis Financial Regional Manager, is setting a high-standard for Equis agents all-around. Chris has shown in the past year that she will do whatever it takes to be successful, even if it means being a full-time agent and a full-time manager at the same time. Chris states in her featured story that she gave up her rights to be average when she made her first hire, however Chris was never average... With her contagious smile and willingness to help, Chris is thriving as a Regional Manager and Equis could not be more proud to have her as part of our team.

  • 2016 Equis Financial Summer Sales Conference in Indianapolis

In 2 short days we learned, we were inspired, and we were put on the track towards success. We came together as Equis Financial, and dedicated ourselves to not only seek greatness in our company, but to have each and every single Equis agent reach that greatness as well; to have financial freedom and to know that their company and fellow agents are there for them. Together we will continue to learn and together we will grow. Make sure to register for our National Convention on February 10th and 11th in Orlando, Florida!

  • An Interview with the Founders of Equis Financial

See what Equis Financial is all about. Get the inside scoop from the owners, Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, Kevin Davies, and Bill Martin. Watch them talk about what Equis stands for and why they truly believe that Equis Financial is the best opportunity for independent insurance agents and agency builders.